Magali & Didier Mulleras Dance Company
created in 1988 in Béziers (France)

Choreographers: Magali et Didier Mulleras

Severine Prunera, Elisabeth Nicol
Magali Viguier-Mulleras, Didier Mulleras

Scenography, technical direction,
multimedia & video, webmaster:

Nicolas Grimal

Music: Didier Mulleras

Press & PR:Vanessa Mestre

Compagnie MULLERAS / Synopsis & Facts (update jan.04):

Magali Viguier-Mulleras & Didier Mulleras, french choreographers, based their dance company in Béziers (South France) in 1986. They actually work in their own studios, the CED center, where they create and teach. They both have had a rich and pluralistic training (dance, music, theater).

Didier had earlier a musical training (piano, voice, percussions), then toured in various bands playing Jazz and brasilian music. Since 1990, he composes the original musics for all the company's stage works, in an eclectic melting-pot of synthetic and acoustic sound.

In 1998, owing to their stage director Nicolas Grimal, they launch their website to guest the “mini@tures” project, and their works about Dance & New Technologies. More than 78.000 persons connected on their website, from 70 different countries, have discovered the 100 short films created for Internet. The project received the special price of the Jury at Festival CYNET 2000 in Dresden (Germany). 2002: the “mini@tures” project is achieved, and will keep on touring in France - Portugal - Italy - USA - Mexico - Latvia- Brasil... The web works from "mini@tures" will remain permanently available on the web, in free access.

From 2002 to 2005, Mulleras Dance Company will create and launch its new project “INVISIBLE”, coproduced in France by Le Cargo - Grenoble and CNC (French National Cinematography Center), a four-years process, a new creative universe, for web, multimedia and stage ...

Magali and Didier Mulleras are part of the new generation of artists who do not wish to remain subjugated to established styles, as much in the writing of movement as in the places of representation. Their creative process using multimedia, notably internet, is today appreciated as a new path to be taken. Their curious look at the world allows them to confront their dance to the technical improvement of this millenium, showing a new dance in ever-changing settings...

The Company:

Since 2002, the Company receives in France a national ranking and financial help by French Cultural Ministery. With a rich and unanimous international media cover, more than 500 press references, the company tours actually worldwide, presenting shows and film works (Brazil, USA, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Latvia, Mexico, Corea, ...), in a total of 19 countries yet visited during their past tours, with the help of ONDA and AFAA (Paris-France). The company is always working in close cooperation with the French cultural representatives, in the diplomatic network, of each country concerned, more recently with:

  • Consulat de France à Los Angeles (USA)
  • Institut Français de Riga (Lettonie)
  • Service Culturel de l'Ambassade de France à Lisbonne (Portugal)
  • Institut Français de Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Service Culturel du Consulat Général de France à Sao Paulo (Brésil)
  • Institut Français de Dresde (Allemagne)
  • Direction des Alliances Françaises à Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)
  • Institut Français de Florence (Italie)
  • Direction des Alliances Françaises à Mexico (Mexique)
  • Institut Français de Florence (Italie)
  • Alliance Française de Monterrey (Mexique)

Some international places & venues, of our past tours:

  • Skirball Center LOS ANGELES (USA)
  • Centre Culturel de Bélem LISBONNE (Portugal)
  • ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts LONDRES (UK)
  • Fondation Itau Cultural SAO PAULO (Brésil)
  • Le Cargo GRENOBLE (France)
  • Centro de las Artes MONTERREY (Mexique)
  • Netd@ys Europe BRUXELLES (Belgique)
  • Festival Cynet DRESDE (Allemagne)
  • Festival da Fabrica PORTO (Portugal)
  • Festival FabbricaEuropa FLORENCE (Italie)
  • Monaco Dance Forum MONACO (Monte Carlo)
  • Festival Rio Cena RIO DE JANEIRO (Brésil)
  • Festival HomoAlibi RIGA (Lettonie)

Web works and films, selected and presented at:

  • Festival Dance on Camera - New York (USA)
  • Festival Senef - Séoul (Corée)
  • Festival Emaf - Osnabrueck (Allemagne)
  • Festival MIC - Auckland (Nouvelle Zélande)
  • HKW - Berlin (Allemagne)
  • ISEA 2000 - Paris, ...

In Fall 03: the Company will tour 6 countries in two months (USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Ukrain, UK, Brasil), in major venues like SKIRBALL Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and ICA Institute of Contemporary Arts in London...

For 2004, the Company prepares several french and foreign tours (Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal) and will perform in Asia (Philippins, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Indonesia, India)

Among the important venues and places, at a national or international level, which welcome or coproduce the works of the Company:


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