video-dance for web and stage
dance - images - multimedia (1998 - 2001)
stage works

show, installations
web works

100 dance-clips for Internet

mini@tures is a melting-pot of

new dance, electronic music, web design



A pluralistic choreographic concept...

A round trip from the real to the virtual, from multimedia to the stage, where dance plays with new technologies.

A fusion of new dance, electronic music, video-art, and web-design.

"mini@tures" is a choreographic concept designed in the form of VERY short films ... shorter than short, where movement opens itself to new paths (internet & multimedia) to return punctually onto the stage, nourished by these new offerings.

The project displays 3 phases:

- Phase 1 real ... virtual:
   multimedia and web works

- Phase 2 virtual ... real:
   stage performance

- Phase 3 real ... virtual:
   multimedia and web works (suite et fin)

On the net, CD-ROM, video, or on stage, mini@tures is short. Always. Sometimes strange, sometimes funny, sometimes tender...

A new dimension which plays with time/space.

A nomadic dance, in the conquest of new territories to be claimed. A free concept, for a free audience...

"mini@tures" stage performance has been programmed from 2000 to 2003, by:

  • Skirbal Cultural Center - Los Angeles - USA
  • ICA Institute of Contemporary Art - Londres - UK
  • Centre Culturel de Bélem - Lisbonne - Portugal
  • Centre ITAU Cultural - Sao Paulo - Brésil
  • Festival CYNET 00 Dresde - Allemagne
  • Transcultures NetD@ys Bruxelles - Belgique
  • Festival da Fabrica - Porto - Portugal
  • Festival Fabbrica Europa - Florence - Italie
  • St Leu Danse Festival - La Réunion
  • ISEA 2000 Paris
  • Festival Art Rock - Saint Brieuc
  • Odyssud - Blagnac
  • Art Danse - Dijon
  • Le Prisme - Elancourt
  • Carré Magique - Lannion
  • Carré Amelot - La Rochelle
  • Festival Tendances - Iddac
  • etc...

"mini@tures" on film & cdrom, has been selected and screened at:

  • Dance on Camera Festival - New York - USA
  • Monaco Dance Forum - Monte Carlo
  • Festival SeNef - Séoul - Corée du Sud
  • Mostra VideoDansa - Barcelone - Espagne
  • HKW - Berlin - Allemagne
  • EMAF - Osnabrueck - Allemagne
  • MIC - Auckland - Nouvelle Zélande
  • etc...

78.000 connected spectators, coming from 70 countries, have already discoverd the web clips on-line

Foreign tours have been helped by:

  • Consulat de France à Los Angeles - USA
  • Institut Français de Riga - Lettonie
  • Ambassade de France à Lisbonne - Portugal
  • Consulat Général de France à Sao Paulo - Brésil
  • Institut Français de Kiev - Ukraine
  • Institut Français de Florence - Italie
  • Alliance Française de Monterrey - Mexique
  • Ambassade de France à Londres - UK

International PRESS Extracts:

" Mulleras revels in the exuberant possibilities of new technology...
Inventive, joyful, fluidity and wit of their results...
There is a wonderful sens of play and possibility in their work"

" Another slice of technology and dance-filled innovation
from this exuberant company"

" a rare chance to see in London a ground-breaking piece of dance,
which has taken the world by storm. "

" Compagnie Mulleras are an innovative troupe and one of the few
to use computer technologyin interesting ways"

"... mesmerizing !."
L.A Weekly
("pick of the week" - Los Angeles)

"...Mulleras are among the important explorers in the field of digital art.”

" Mulleras is one of the most outstanding dance companies in Europe.
A rare chance to see ground-breaking dance/technology works"
ICA Londres

" The interaction between image and dancer is amazingly precise.
Computer-manipulated images of the dancers are very clever "

"...impressively sophisticated "

" ... with humour and intelligence, Compagnie Mulleras mixes dance,
visual arts, video, and theatre, pushing the boundaries between
the virtual and the real "
Skirball Center - Los Angeles


English translation of FRENCH press and media:

"...a new autonomous art with indescribable charm, neither man nor machine."

Les Inrockuptibles

"... A knowledge blend of dance and images. The fabulous and inventive Cie Mulleras has everything to captivate the audience: it is impressive to see the bodies of the dancers get molded into the image and multimedia"


"...Didier Mulleras finds new spaces for creation. His video-dance clips are revealing of a real artistic identity and a creativity that opens dance to unexpected spaces. A must see, in order to be plunged into a new choreographic language, and to witness unclassificable creators."


"...Mulleras Dance Company are among the almost important explorers in the field of digital art.”


"... U.S. premiere! With an eye toward the absurdities of everyday life, Magali and Didier Mulleras of France have created a series of small dance performances that honor life's mythic and fantastic moments with humor and intelligence. First developed as 100 short film clips for the Web ( and then re-imagined for the stage, mini@tures mixes dance, visual arts, video, and theater, pushing the boundaries between the virtual and the real. "

(extract from website )

" ...An unclassificable performance, funny, tender, where the real and virtual are echoes of one another"


"... From the screen to the stage, and vice-versa, the Compagnie Mulleras shifts between the real and the virtual, nourishing an innovative artistic reflection which is resolutely turned towards the future."


" ... The Compagnie Mulleras shatters all certainties and expectations, leaving one admiring their technological and artistic prowess that are executed with such mastery. Breathtaking ! "


" ...small and delightfull dance movements, full of humor and derision. The result is astonishing and very accessible. An exercise executed with remarkable precision"


"... never seen before ... a visual magic that defies words"


"... Captivating and extremely lively, "mini@tures" is a real delight for the senses. A futuristic vision for contemporary dance. A lesson in creativity"


“...As performances unfold, the Mulleras Company explores a new pattern of creation, but also attracts a new public that may not have been alive to contemporary dance until then.”


"...their website is a testimony of their eccentric and quirky approach to dance. The minimalist choreography is set to spacey-electronica music composed by Didier Mulleras, perfectly complementing the oddball nature of these clips..."

DANCE CENTRAL Vancouver - Canada

“...What the French jokers do reminds is one of an exercise in Gulliver’s court theater. The tiny figures of dancers work choreographic miracles. The result is an exotic cartoon world.”

Ukrainian Daily

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