TRACES (96 details)

show on stage 2006
Premiere at Théâtre de Béziers
from 30 nov to 2 dec 06

Traces scénographie

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As part of the global artistic project “96 details”, the stage performance "TRACES" proposes a fusion and interaction of distinct universes (dance, music, video, interactive and multimedia works).

From web creations, launched on www.mulleras.com, to stage and screens works, Compagnie Mulleras keeps on experimenting here new paths and links between Dance, Film and Multimedia, thus continuing to invest the new artistic workspaces offered by new technologies, in various achievements to be presented on several supports (screen, web, cdrom, stage).

"TRACES" is a nomadic and hybrid live artwork, where body and dance are hustled by a fragmentation made possible by new Medias, as a suite of artistic modules, part of a polymorphic global work which declines its units almost infinitely.      

Like the interactive cube shown on the web site of the global project, the stage setting is built around a center square (5 meters x 5 meters) on the floor, which will receive a vertical video projection, as well as light design and choreography. The immediate periphery of the square will also be used by dancers.


Trace scenographie A

In this version, audience is welcomed on the stage, seated all around the square projection. 4 peripheric screens, on each side of the global scenic space, will multiply the image zone and perspective. This scenography will also be used in the form of an installation, allowing the audience to circulate around and inside the scenery.


Trace scenographie C

Another version of the original scenography has been created for frontal visibility:

Trace scenographie B

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